Phantom Records Corp

Phantom Records LogoPhantom Records was founded in 2006 by John Sims.

The Phantom Records has the resources and network infrastructure needed to seamlessly distribute music and video content. What makes Phantom Records unique is their ability to provide a large network of global distribution to over 300+ retail outlets across the world.

We are one of the few global distribution companies that assists in the marketing and promotion of your music. We want to assist and support independent artist efforts in getting their music heard by the masses.


Our veteran team consists of distributors, marketing reps, licensing partners, technical support with team with over 50 years combined experience in the music business. Artists retain 100% ownership of your master recordings, publishing and songwriting credits.

Phantom Records: “It’s time to Move your music”


The Phantom Records distribution was created to give independent artists the opportunity to participate in the business side of music. We provide a comprehensive network of educational resources that give artists the opportunity to learn about day-to-day record company functions and what it takes to run a music company. Our music program is similar to a tech start visit our monetization partners, participate in video production, music production, marketing/promotions and finally the distribution and sales of music.

The program was developed to show artists the value of working in a business environment and to develop skills to help in the development for future business opportunities in the music workplace.




John Sims of Phantom Records
John Sims, CEO/Founder Phantom Records

John Sims

CEO of Phantom Records Corp. John Sims is known in the music industry as Big John. He has 10+ years of experience in the music and entertainment industry. Big John formed Phantom Record Corp in 2006. In 2009 John Sims (Big John) acquired a distribution deal with Universal/Bungalo. In 2010 he put out a single for his artist Day Wu through Universal/Bungalo. Big John’s artist “Day Wu” is amazing and one of a kind. Senior Executive VP of Bungalo Records, Robert (Leo) Rodgers said, “Day Wu is a jewel of an artist that was forwarded by Big John Sims of Phantom Records. This project is a breath of fresh air for the music industry.”

Big John has also signed Shantel Hobson a struggling songsters to Phantom Records/Universal Distribution Deal which included signing agreement with International Verizon, Sprint wireless ringtone, bundle media, film, and graphics package worldwide. Sims has worked with an array of artist which he forwarded to Bungalo/ Universal.

Big John travels across the country and helps artist develop their artistry. Big John’s values, charismatic personality, determination and strong work ethic allows him to connect with all types of artist and brings out the best in an exciting and successful manner. Big John Sims has worked alongside some of the most important record executives in the music business, from Bungalo/Universal VP Robert Leo Rodgers, U Can Fly CEO Kevin Black, Mum Mum Ent. Sean Bouldin among others.

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